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Guide Dog pups live in a rather sterile environment while at the GDB campus.  There are no leaves, twigs, and such for them to get to.  Then they have a long and somewhat stressful trip across the States to come to us in Colorado.  And now their world has broadened - - it includes so many things to explore - - with their mouths!


It is very common for our young pups to get diarrhea.  It could be from “exploring” (aka eating everything they can get a hold of), from stress, a change in activity, or a number of other things.  But when should we be concerned?


First, let’s figure out the difference between diarrhea and loose stools.  If you could clean it up with a baggie, it would be loose stools.  Loose stools still have some form to them, though not a regular stool.  Diarrhea would be too runny to pick much up.  There is no form to the stool; more of a puddle.


For loose stools, we need not be too concerned unless it continues for more than 2 days.  You may have the pup skip a meal to help them get back on track.  If it continues more than 2 days, contact your leader.

Say the command only one time.  Then help the dog to understand what it is you said. 
Remember tone of voice is important.  Wolves and Canines use a high pitched sound for praise and good stuff like, yes it is okay to groom me now or okay lets play.  They use a low pitched sound for bad stuff like, yes that is my bone.  Go ahead and practice that now.
Dogs are pack animals, be the head of the pack.  Your head higher than theirs says you are the boss.  Do daily puppy handling and you'll be happy you did later.  Just like at work the boss is the boss but you want to have a nice one.
Bill's rule of thumb - 90% praise and 10% correction/redirection.
How to use a newspaper - roll it up tight and hit yourself in the head for not watching your puppy!!!!!!!!